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Disposal Services FAQs

Find accurate and complete answers to frequently asked questions about the convenient disposal services offered by Fastway Disposal.


What do you do with the trash that is removed?

- All items are properly disposed of at a state-registered dump facility or transfer station.


Do you accept credit cards?

- Yes. We accept MasterCard™, Discover™, AmEx™, and Visa™.


Is your company insured and licensed?

- Yes. We are fully insured and licensed. You can be assured that your business, home, and property are fully protected and that all items will be properly disposed of by our staff.


Can you tell me the price over the phone?

- Yes. Standard rates by town/county can be provided. We will give you a price over the phone.


How far in advance should I book delivery?

- We can often deliver your dumpster or pick up your items the same day you call, but please try to schedule the work in advance to make sure it can be completed in a timely fashion.


Can you remove junk without a dumpster if I am not on-site? 

- Yes.  When we arrive we will call you as needed. An additional fee will apply, but will be refunded once the job is completed.


How much trash can you carry away and what sizes do you provide?

- Our trucks can lift over 18 tons and we provide 10, 15, 20, 30, & 40-yard dumpsters. The trash must not extend over the height of dumpster.


Is it better to get junk pickup service or a dumpster delivered?

- Full pick-up service includes workers who remove any items from inside your house or place of business. Moving the items yourself to a dumpster placed on your property would be the most inexpensive solution.


Can you deliver a dumpster if I am not on-site?

- Yes. Just let us know where the dumpster should be placed so we can find a safe spot. Please be aware that proper dumpster placement is critical to prevent damage to property. Fastway Disposal will not be held liable for the placement of the dumpster if you are not available.


What size dumpsters are available?

- We offer 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard containers. Our 10 and 15-yard containers measure about 10'x12'. Our 20 to 40-yard containers measure 8'x22'.


Does tonnage per container matter?

- Yes! When deciding which size dumpster you need, always compare the allowed tonnage, not only the price. Other companies may seem less expensive, but their allowed tonnage may be low. A low weight allowance is a set-up for extra charges. Fastway Disposal has the best price per ton allowed in the business!

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